1. The high margins range between 60 and 80%.
  2. There are many lines of business and successful programs already enjoyed by millions of children around the world.
  3. Customer loyalty. More than 60% of customers choose to repeat.
  4. The franchise requires a low investment and has fixed costs, no permanent staff or inventory. You can manage the Franchise from home.
  5. High growth industry with more than 60 billion Euro turnover per year.
  6. Rewarding business with flexibility and ease of management of the business. All franchisees enjoy the exclusivity of territory.
  7. Comprehensive training with the launch of the business in its own territory and constant and permanent support in all areas of the business.
  8. Better Planet has a scalable business model.
  9. Each year new children begin their classes so there are new customers each year.
  10. With Better Planet you have the opportunity to make a difference leaving a lasting impact on children and families in your community.
  11. Better Planet pleases not only children but also parents, educators, businesses, etc.

“What’s done to children, they will do to society.”