A way to educate through entertainment and to entertain while educating.

Education based on abilities, in contrast with traditional education based on knowledge, is already a reality and something very sought after by educational systems the world over. Our original and different methodology focuses on the development of children’s primary mental processes, such as language, communication, creativity, confidence, and responsibility. All of this provides children with the tools to better adapt to and comprehend the world around them.

To achieve this we use:


Acting allows for the development of children’s creativity and for a self-esteem increase.

It is an integration tool which enhances personal self-confidence through dramatic play and favors socialization. Furthermore, it improves concentration capacity and attention in children and promotes reflection, resulting in a better academic performance.



Better Planet uses original music in workshops and plays as part of children’s learning. Music is a key element in children’s life and brings great benefits:

Security: It has the power of bringing people together providing emotional security and self-confidence. Children share songs immersing in an atmosphere of support and mutual respect that favors self-esteem and boosts integral development in all areas.

Concentration: Music enhances memory in children and improves their learning capacity.

Body language stimulation: Children improve their sense of rhythm and body coordination through music.

Puppet Theatre and Giant Puppets

Their use in our workshops and theatre plays helps develop oral language in children and boost their creative thinking.

They encourage communication of their needs and favor the resolution of disputes.

Recreation of different life scenarios help children have a better understanding of their environment from the perspective of a puppet and fantasy world.

Their handling also helps children develop fine motor skills in their hands.