Because of its main themes and methodology, Better Planet is the ideal partner for carrying out Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

Educating new generations and making them aware of fundamental themes such as the sustainability of the planet, the importance of hygiene, or respect toward others, among other things, is key to having a “Better Planet”.

We know that children are a key factor when it comes to implementing changes and improvements in society, and this is why we carry out our activities during school hours at schools or at malls with classroom workshops or theater plays. Our unique, original methods of teaching and entertaining allow children to understand social issues and participate in their possible solution.


Workshops such as:

  • Friends are so important
  • How plants grow
  • Let’s take care of the park
  • Spikyhair’s breakfast
  • The importance of hygiene
  • Spikyhair and the animals

Theater plays such as:

  • Spikyhair and Friendship
  • Spkiyhair and Health
  • Spikyhair and Nature
  • Spikyhair’s bicycle