Our theater plays, with their original music and characters, educate and entertain kids, focusing on such important themes as:

  • A love for reading through fictional characters such as Romeo and Juliet or Don Quixote.
  • The importance of health and hygiene, with fun characters like the Bacteria Sisters.
  • Sustaining the Planet, with characters like the Trash Monster.
  • Introduction to and perfecting of English with the “Better Planet” ® plays.
  • Learning about music, rhythms and instruments with Spikyhair’s band.
  • The benefits of healthy eating and healthy habits.

Theater plays can last from 45 minutes to an hour an a half. We adapt to the space available at your School, Cultural Center, Gym, or Theater.

Better Planet is considered a benchmark in Educational Theater and has been on the bill at Pompeya Theater in Madrid as well as on an international tour.

Here are some of our plays:

  • Spkiyhair and Health
  • Spikyhair and Romeo and Juliet
  • Don Quixote y Spiky Panza
  • Spikyhair and Nature
  • Spikyhair’s bicycle
  • Nutritious breakfast with Spikyhair
  • Good morning Spikyhair
  • Catalina and Spikyhair learn about music