Throwing a party or a celebration where your child is center-stage is the kind of challenge we love at Better Planet, and that’s why we know that we’re the best option. Our years of experience speak for us as well as the fact that we have the best actors and professional entertainers to guarantee that your event is a success.

Our workshop party includes theater, music, dance, and a puppet workshop so the little ones will have a blast whatever the occasion. We’ve come up with a lot of original ideas to guarantee the fun. The kids get to play around with our puppets and be the main characters of a special day that’s meant just for them.

The combination of fun, theater, music, and education turns these shows into unforgettable experiences for the birthday kid and their friends.


We work in such diverse locations as homes, squares, hotels, and restaurants and we adapt to the specific needs of each client, which makes us a practical and reliable option for all types of occasions. Weddings (to entertain the guests’ kids), birthdays, first communions and family events are a few of the possibilities we offer.

With Better Planet parties and celebrations become treasured moments.