We are the leading company around the world for children’s education and entertainment interactive activities. We belong to the EOI Group, which has been developing hands-on and interactive educational and entertainment programs for kids and families since 1996. We are present in more than 40 countries. Our content and materials are totally exclusive, distinctive and flexible. Furthermore, we count on the best team of recognized and qualified professionals to carry out our programs.

Better Planet educates kids between the ages of 3 and 8, while entertaining them at the same time, in key areas for their personal growth, such as Music, Reading, Health, Art and Creativity, Introduction to English, Social Skills, and Taking Care of the Environment.

The theater plays and workshops are totally interactive in order to encourage children’s participation, and we directly control the didactic content in detail to guarantee it’s proper assimilation. Similarly, the artistic development is top notch thanks to quality children’s theater material, original songs and scripts, and appealing set designs, in order to guarantee the audience’s entertainment.